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40 Tempura

Jul 26, 2017 By Texas Monthly

With a plethora of sushi restaurants in this college town, it’s hard to stand out. But 40 Tempura has managed to do just that. Located in a shopping center that was once a restaurant graveyard, this “outskirts area” eatery is now anything but. Soft music and subdued lighting make for…

Aka Sushi

Mar 2, 2017 By Texas Monthly

A few years back, the chef at this downtown sushi spot made a conscious decision to buy and serve only the freshest fish available. The results are sublime. In place of Philly rolls, for instance, you’ll find king salmon with Japanese mint. The Cabo St. Lucas layers slices of yellowtail…

Ku Sushi

Aug 4, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The dimly lit interior may feel serene, but this neighborhood spot buzzes with energy on the weekends, when friends and families fill the narrow room to feast on the likes of fresh yellowtail sushi, black cod with miso, and mochi, the fluffy marshmallow-like confections just the right size for a…

Rock & Rolls Sushi Lounge

Dec 5, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Rock and Rolls Sushi Lounge lives up to its name, with a mash-up style that’s somewhere between sports bar and sushi restaurant, with Axl Rose on backup. The lively buzz of the space keeps pace with the more-is-more menu. A stuffed avocado teeters under a precarious mound of crawfish, goat…