Bun Belly

Sep 22, 2015 By Texas Monthly

If you’re seeking a Vietnamese restaurant that’s authentic and economical, Bun Belly probably isn’t for you. But this small self-described “contemporary” place has the bonuses of a smart interior (blond bamboo paneling and “sputnik” lighting fixtures) and prices that are fine if you can handle $9 for a good-sized but…

Green Papaya

Apr 5, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Red and black walls, comfortable booths, and a few jolly, plump Buddhas placed around the room give a decidedly Asian feeling. We marveled first at the precise wrapping on the translucent rice-paper rolls (bursting with shrimp, marinated green papaya, and vermicelli), then even more at their layers of flavor. Ca…

Le Colonial

Feb 25, 2018 By Texas Monthly

A handsome River Oaks spot offering a fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisine.

Pho 68 Vietnamese Noodle House

Jan 4, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Vietnamese cuisine has had only sporadic lodging here, with not much success. But this latest venue shows promise, even if the setting is somewhat antiseptic and the menu limited. Tight spring rolls are crunchy with cabbage and pork and best when dredged in a trio of sweet and hot sauces.

Pho Binh [Heights]

Oct 5, 2015 By Texas Monthly

When we crave pho, we know where to go, and the new Heights locale of this popular mini-chain is quite charming. The noodle soup comes seventeen ways, but our fave is the pho ga kho, a big bowl of house-made noodles, scallions, thinly sliced chicken, and a mug of fragrant…

Pho Oi Vietnamese Noodle House

May 25, 2016 By Texas Monthly

This latest competitive entry in Vietnamese cuisine adds to the city’s multicultural growth with a studied menu of standards alongside Cajun crawfish preparations. The owners throw down the gauntlet with crisp, meaty egg rolls, devoid of the pale cabbage and standard shrimp you might expect and instead fat with pork…


Mar 20, 2019 By Texas Monthly

A tight menu of pho and banh mi at a stylishly wabi-sabi spot on St. Mary’s Strip.

Sweet Basil

Nov 8, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Not much about the decor of this strip-center spot says “Vietnamese food,” but it’s cheery enough. The standard pho and crusty banh mi are better than most, but we swooned over the clay pot–style shrimp simmering in a spicy-sweet sauce. In fact, most of the chef’s recommendations are worth returning…