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Sisters Bistro

Jun 22, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Though the menu has a tempting selection of salads and healthy panini, the buffet won us over, with offerings like chicken-fried steak, baked tilapia, chicken and dressing, fried squash, turnip greens, mashed potatoes with creamy gravy, and baked-in-house yeast rolls. We must admit that we sampled a bit of everything,…


Jun 21, 2016 By Texas Monthly

We were delighted to discover that quaint coffeehouse Beethoven’s had grown into a full restaurant since our last visit. In fact, our quick stop for a cup of coffee turned into a fantastic plate of chilaquiles con huevos, served with a dynamite fresh salsa. We will be sure to stop…

Rosco’s Burger Inn

Jun 8, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Locals, visitors, and dignitaries alike flock to this small, no-frills spot, with its open kitchen, counter and table dining, and friendly service. The menu is simple: burgers come single, double, with or without cheese (green chile sauce available at the table). The meat is ground fresh daily with grilled onions…

Bubba’s Cooks Country

Jun 8, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Waves of nostalgia swept over us when we settled into this retro diner decked out in red vinyl and chrome (there’s a wonderful patio too). But back to the food: the fried chicken here is spot-on and just the way we remember our grandmother cooking it. And the chicken-fried steak…

Pho Oi Vietnamese Noodle House

May 25, 2016 By Texas Monthly

This latest competitive entry in Vietnamese cuisine adds to the city’s multicultural growth with a studied menu of standards alongside Cajun crawfish preparations. The owners throw down the gauntlet with crisp, meaty egg rolls, devoid of the pale cabbage and standard shrimp you might expect and instead fat with pork…

Buns Over Texas

May 24, 2016 By Texas Monthly

This Amarillo-born diner has been a regular stop for us for years. The burgers are made with beef ground fresh daily, and you add your own veggies and condiments from the well-stocked service bar. This trip we were craving the fried-egg-and-bacon sandwich with melted cheese, served with lightly crisp fries.

Kozy Kitchen

May 10, 2016 By Texas Monthly

“Grass-fed” is the key word here, and beef and buffalo options are plenteous. It’s a bare-minimum space, and what it lacks in sparkling decor is made up for by the food. We started with a 16-ounce glass of freshly squeezed orange-and-carrot juice that was just as invigorating as coffee. Although…


May 10, 2016 By Texas Monthly

One block off the Bellaire bustle, this Chinatown newbie has quickly won a following. Sultry interiors with industrial lighting and nostalgic Chinese graphics set the stage for an exceptional meal of Cantonese fare with pan-Asian influences. At lunch, the space was full of Asian ladies who lunch and smaller parties…


Apr 20, 2016 By Texas Monthly

After a day of treasure hunting at Canton’s famous First Monday Trade days, we were sorely in need of comfort food and were so happy to revisit Buttermilk’s. As one must when indulging in Southern food, we began with the crispy fried green tomatoes. The daily special of fried catfish…

Green Ceviche

Apr 7, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Fast and fresh is the focus here. You can choose from an assortment of house blends, like the Tropical Ceviche, with cucumber, pineapple, and jicama added to your cured shrimp or fish. Or you can build your own from 50 ingredients. If that doesn’t float your boat, there are soups,…

Bruno’s Pizza & Pasta

Apr 1, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Bruno’s is well-known (since 1976) among the locals as the pizza place; we have even heard that the south location is popular for wedding receptions. We enjoyed our regular order, a half veggie and half Robinhood pizza (ham, hamburger, mushroom, and olive). The calzones and Italian sandwiches are nice options…

The Lunch Box

Mar 23, 2016 By Texas Monthly

For those still lamenting the day the doors closed at Bistro M: behold and rejoice. Chef Marcel Fortuin has reopened, decking out his former French bistro with vintage lunch boxes. We started with grilled shrimp over mixed greens perfectly coated in a light vinaigrette (prepared à la minute). The fish…


Mar 9, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Realizing a long-held dream, chef Delvin Wilson has opened his own kitchen, a cheerful jewel at the top of the Heights serving soul-warming food. His specialty is barbecue, but you can’t go wrong with the fried catfish, crisp on the outside and moist inside, or a daily special like chicken…

Taqueria el Cometa

Mar 2, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Located in a reviving shopping center, this low-key restaurant is anchored by an impressive salsa bar. Not surprisingly, the menu is loaded with items that are complemented by the variety of freshly made sauces, like the shredded-beef flautas topped with panela cheese and a well-balanced avocado cream sauce and the…

Belle Sucre [East]

Mar 2, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Pastry chef Jonathan Bowden has opened a second bakery, on the city’s east side. Larger than the original store, the new spot has ample seating and a bigger kitchen, with the potential to produce more savory menu items in the future. But today it’s offering the same delicious array of…

Cedars Mediterranean Mezza & Grill

Feb 27, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Here you’ll find an array of dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious: hummus, falafel, tabbouleh, dolmades, roasted cauliflower, moussaka, coriander potatoes—we drool just thinking about them. Beef, chicken, or lamb wrapped in warm pita is another crowd pleaser.

Mi Abuelitas

Feb 9, 2016 By Texas Monthly

There’s nothing better than Mexican breakfast done right, and this is where we go for our weekend fix. You can drive right by it and never know what pleasures await inside, like migas with fluffy scrambled eggs and handfuls of jalapeños and onions to add to your tender flour tortillas…


Feb 9, 2016 By Texas Monthly

While the Valley is renowned for its delicious Mexican food, that heavy, cheesy fare can be infamously bad for you. The folks behind Fit-Fillet are valiantly countering the bad rap with dishes that are tasty and also healthy. We enjoyed our tender Akaushi skirt steak with house-made chimichurri so much…

Boogie & Tootsie’s Deli

Jan 21, 2016 By Texas Monthly

There is a lot to like about this place from restaurateurs Milly and Mike Dougay, the former owners of Willy Ray’s and the Tamale Company. It’s a bright, cheery spot perfect for meeting up with friends, whether you want a full meal or something light like a fruit salad topped…

The Burger Grind

Jan 21, 2016 By Texas Monthly

What the Burger Grind lacks in humility (it humbly boasts the best burgers ever) it makes up for in quality and creativity, which come together to produce the likes of an excellent Mushroom Melt or Bleu Burger. We were happy to see that veggie burgers are on the menu, as…

Zoukis Mediterranean

Jan 4, 2016 By Texas Monthly

The culinary culture has expanded with the addition of this lovely Greek-inspired cafe. We arrived hungry and started with the Zoukis Nachos, gigantic pita chips topped with hummus, feta, avocado, and a tangy garlic sauce. We were also delighted with the delicious steak shawarma with roasted potatoes.

The Loretto Bistro

Jan 4, 2016 By Texas Monthly

If it weren’t for the sign out front, you might think you were pulling up to an elegant Mediterranean-style home. Instead it’s Sharyland’s new place to see and be seen. We enjoyed a cup of coffee on the garden patio so much that we hung around for lunch in the…

Pho 68 Vietnamese Noodle House

Jan 4, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Vietnamese cuisine has had only sporadic lodging here, with not much success. But this latest venue shows promise, even if the setting is somewhat antiseptic and the menu limited. Tight spring rolls are crunchy with cabbage and pork and best when dredged in a trio of sweet and hot sauces.

Mary Kay’s Country Diner

Dec 9, 2015 By Texas Monthly

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in deep East Texas, order the chicken-fried steak (and mashed potatoes with buttery cream gravy, green beans seasoned with bacon, and a corn muffin to boot). We were full of the good spirits that come naturally from Southern comforts, and yet…

La Waffalata

Dec 8, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Fridays are hopping at this kitschy little place in downtown Mineola. We ignored the harried host’s warning of a likely hour wait (this at 1:00 pm) and enjoyed the entertainment from the guitarist perched on a stool in the front dining room for what turned out to be a mere…

Fonda Don Martin

Dec 2, 2015 By Texas Monthly

The menu at this cozy neighborhood taqueria moves far beyond the comfort of typical tacos. It all begins with flour tortillas coaxed out before your eyes by hands that have a rhythm all their own. We like to fill ours with chipotle-braised meatballs, decadent little orbs we bracket with thin…

Thai Star

Nov 20, 2015 By Texas Monthly

There is always a wait at this colorful strip-mall spot, whose loyal clientele come for the bounty of noodle and curry dishes (if you’re up for it, the massaman curry with shrimp and avocado will for sure jumpstart the metabolism). For dessert, try the tasty floating rice cake in ganache…

Oie’s Spicy Thai

Nov 18, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Oie’s Spicy Thai recently returned from a hiatus, and though in a bit of disarray, it still manages to live up to its name, serving the spiciest Thai cuisine in the Permian Basin. If you like noodles, don’t pass up the pad see ew, a dish that combines heat and…

Thai Thai

Nov 18, 2015 By Texas Monthly

We got to Thai Thai just before the lunch rush and counted ourselves lucky; by the time we’d finished placing our order, there was a line out the door of the restaurant. The menu is a bit daunting—it takes up the whole wall behind the counter and is all in…

Zino’s Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine

Oct 22, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Chef Zino Souikni has expanded and remodeled his west side restaurant to double its original size. Arched doorways, light blue walls, and tiled light fixtures bring a distinctly Greek flavor to the interior. Famous for its fall-off-the-bone osso buco braised in a richly thick red wine sauce, the menu also…

A2Z Cafe

Oct 19, 2015 By Texas Monthly

This west side cafe offers service that makes you feel like family; simple decor and lots of windows lets you focus on the fine Lebanese food. Start with the hummus, lemony and fresh with just a touch of garlic. Traditional beef and chicken kebabs are richly flavored and juicy, while…

Cascabel Mexican Patio

Oct 6, 2015 By Texas Monthly

The “Tex” never married up with the “Mex” here, where the food is as deeply interior Mexican as one will find anywhere in San Antonio. We have sampled the breakfasts (well, late breakfasts, for they open at ten), such as Mexican eggs with serrano peppers and tomatoes or (our favorite)…

Martinez Bakery

Oct 6, 2015 By Texas Monthly

The smell of delicious confections and a friendly staff wait inside a humble storefront, which is one of Midland’s unassuming treasures. It’s nothing spectacular to look at, but the authentic Mexican food prepared at this family-owned restaurant speaks volumes. The menu is tiny but nigh perfect, with exceptional tacos and…

The Mighty House

Oct 5, 2015 By Texas Monthly

The Mighty Food Truck has moved its eclectic fare into a permanent home. We started with the Strawberry Fields, fresh greens topped with grilled chicken, candied pecans, and strawberries, then moved on to the Miami Nights, the Mighty’s take on a classic Cuban with shredded pork, ham, pickles, and cheese.

Easton’s Eatsies

Oct 5, 2015 By Texas Monthly

An Iraq war veteran who attended Le Cordon Bleu in Dallas, La Joya native chef Mark Sierra is back home, where he now spends his days serving soups, salads, and sandwiches. We felt like guests in the chef’s home, enjoying our chicken pesto panino on grilled ciabatta while admiring walls…

Pho Binh [Heights]

Oct 5, 2015 By Texas Monthly

When we crave pho, we know where to go, and the new Heights locale of this popular mini-chain is quite charming. The noodle soup comes seventeen ways, but our fave is the pho ga kho, a big bowl of house-made noodles, scallions, thinly sliced chicken, and a mug of fragrant…

Michi Ramen [South]

Oct 5, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Ramen noodles may never compete with pizza, but new food-delivery apps have made it possible to enjoy almost any restaurant meal in your pajamas. Michi’s new south location is capitalizing on this trend; it’s takeout or delivery only. It also thumbs its nose at the competition, because there are no…


Oct 4, 2015 By Texas Monthly

For those who dare to wear yoga pants when not doing yoga, here’s a judgment-free zone for both the fit and those meditating on same. This brightly colored corner has a studiously simple menu that’s heavy on rewarding flavors and reasonably sized portions. We like the tall New York–style pastrami…

La Caravane

Sep 25, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Mobile vendors have a place to call home at McAllen’s new food park, located under the palm trees near the chamber of commerce. From La Caravane’s menu of gourmet fare on a stick, we enjoyed a skewer of grilled shrimp, chicken, beef, and vegetables served with a spicy chipotle sauce.

Cast Iron Grill

Sep 24, 2015 By Texas Monthly

A rustic-looking diner with West Texas kitsch on the walls, Cast Iron Grill is a local favorite, known especially for its pies, which are made fresh daily and are impossible to pass up. Last time we visited, we arrived early in the morning—the place is lively even then—for some steak…


Sep 24, 2015 By Texas Monthly

Village Baking Co., which supplies bread to many fine local restaurants, has opened a small sunny space, both casual cafe and bread market, on lowest Greenville. We were tempted by the array of breakfast croissants but went with a croque monsieur made with a slice of pain au levain (sourdough)…

Low Country Quisine

Sep 22, 2015 By Texas Monthly

No, it’s not a typo. This small, utilitarian space, which seats just a few diners, is only open for lunch, serving up good old Southern specialties like seafood gumbo, pot roast, fried catfish, and, the signature, shrimp and grits, the tender shrimp cavorting with green onions and red peppers on…

Cuban Dulceria

Sep 20, 2015 By Texas Monthly

An unhurried breakfast or lunch at this small, understated spot is a real treat. Order up a cortadito, a Cuban espresso with frothy milk (not for sissies), and complement that with a pastel de guayaba y queso, a flaky pastry stuffed with guava and cream cheese. For lunch, don’t miss…

PJ’s Pies

Aug 24, 2015 By Texas Monthly

When a young preacher with a knack for baking was tasked with making something out of a case of ripe mangos, he came up with a pie—think sweet apple with smoky mango. It was so good that it launched him into business baking for local restaurants, an enterprise that grew…