May I vent? Which restaurant first thought up the silly idea of offering a black napkin (in lieu of white) to guests with black pants or skirts? Please! I might see the point of a color-matched napkin if a restaurant was using, say, sheepskins or pieces of old chenille bedspreads for napkins. But I’ve been eating out at least once a day for decades and not once have I noticed a speck of unsightly white lint on my black skirt.

And while we’re on the subject, I want cotton napkins. I am sick and tired of synthetic fabrics that smear grease all over your face and never absorb a drop of moisture. And I’m even more sick and tired of heavy starch–the other day I almost chipped a tooth on a napkin that was so stiff it could have doubled for a three-ring binder. Can the black napkins! And bring back cotton!