Austin’s Franklin Barbecue is making a few changes in the coming months, according to an interview owner Aaron Franklin did with Eater National this week. In the detailed interview, Franklin touched on changing up the space at Franklin Barbecue and wanting to add beef ribs, whole pork chops, and ribeyes to the limited menu as well. “I’m thinking [the restaurant changes will] happen in about a month. We’re going to build an actual smokehouse in the back part of the kitchen. We’re going to add a walk-in cooler so we can order a lot, a lot more food. We’re going to be able to cook a lot more food. There’s also a window near the kitchen which I hope will shorten the line a little. The goal is to have two lines at some point,” Franklin said. As to whether or not an expansion will change the quality of his highly regarded barbecue, Franklin said no way: “Right now, the problem is that we have to get the briskets off the smokers so we can cook a ton of ribs. The smokers are so crowded that it affects the food and the process. They don’t cook the same way when there’s so much meat on them. Now, we’re going to have a lot more cookers and a lot more convection. I think everything will get better.”