When he isn’t busy picking a nasty feud with any number of Food Network chefs, Anthony Bourdain is devouring his way around the world on his culinary travel show “No Reservations.” For years, viewers have switched between salivating in envy and cringing in disgust as the blunt, ballsy chef sampled wildly exotic foods from around the world, including an unwashed warthog rectum in Namibia and fermented shark in Iceland.  Come September, Bourdain will kick off his ninth and final season season of “No Reservations” before he makes his way over to CNN. The season premiere starts out in Austin, Texas – which the Travel Channel unsurprisingly deems a “hipster hotspot.” (In all fairness, the network filmed the episode during SXSW, which attracted thousands of vintage-clad music lovers.) No word on which Austin hotspots made their way into the premiere episode, but you catch the episode on Sept. 3 on the Travel Channel at 9/8c.