Am I really writing a blog post on the Bacon Takedown at Emo’s in Austin this Sunday? Apparently I lost my mind over the weekend. But something about the idea of an Iron Chef-style, fat-fueled grease-off is utterly irresistible, especially in the city that spawned the late, lamented Spamarama. The contest runs from 4 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 14, at 603 Red River.  Admission is $10. It will  feature 20 bacon-centric creations, available for audience tasting and voting. (Dishes in the past have included bacon cupcakes and bacon ice cream, which reminded me of the fabulous Dorothy Parker’s stiletto review of The House at Pooh Corner, in which she wrote, “Tonstant Weader fwowed up.” Google it, my friends). Contestants will receive 15 pounds of Hormel Black Label bacon, and from that slippery stash, they will whip enough “food” (term used advisedly) to feed 200 to 300 intrepid attendees. (Hormel is sponsoring the contest, and the winners of the people’s choice and judge’s choice awards will receive both money and (more!) bacon as a prize. Gawd–that’s like the old joke: “First prize: A week in Siberia! Booby prize: Two weeks in Siberia!!!”) So, dear readers, what’s the most outrageous bacon creation you can think of!? Comment, please.