This is from someone who never eats French fries (you might as well glue them to your hips). But today at lunch at Louie’s 106 in Austin (106 E. 6th, 512-476-2010), my steely resolve crumbled. These frites de les frites (is that a term?) were about the diameter of a No.2 pencil, golden-brown, salty, and perfect. They even had a little batter coating so the crunch lasted the whole meal. You can order them as a side, and they also come with the Philly cheese-steak (itself delish). Yeah, Louie’s isn’t necessarily the hippest place in town, but I eat there at least once a week (it’s close to my office) and I am hardly ever disappointed. The chicken Caesar (made with moist, juicy rotisserie-cooked bird, not dry, leftover grilled chicken breast) is fab, too. But those fries: Run, do not walk.