Awww. Bon Appétit is lovin’ on Austin again: On its website,, Austin restaurant Congress was just named number nine of the magazine’s ten best new restaurants in America. Way to go, chef David Bull! (Bon Appétit is on a Texas tear; about a month ago they named our own Franklin Barbecue the best barbecue joint in America.) It’s so nice to get well-deserved national press that I feel a little rude mentioning that the picture on the magazine’s site is not of Congress but of its sister restaurant, Second Bar + Kitchen. But I did a complete double-take when I read that Congress serves “distinctly American comfort food.” Say what? You have to wonder what they are smoking up there at Bon Appétit. Here are the first three items from tonight’s seven-course dinner menu at Congress: American Ossetra caviar with carrot-citrus mousse and dill Hamachi sashimi with avocado, avocado, grapefruit, turnip, and chives Oxtail ravioli with goat cheese, ratatouille, and toasted garlic. Ah, yes, when I was a child, we often gathered around the kitchen table and slathered caviar on Texas Toast before digging into a big ol’ pot of hamachi sashimi. Yum. Thank you, chef Bull, for keeping those beloved traditions alive.