Thousands upon thousands migrated to Austin during SXSW to hear some tunes, stalk some celebs, and, of course, eat some darn barbecue. One of those thousands included the no-holds-barred No Reservations host – Anthony Bourdain. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Bourdain talked about pre-made egg salad sandwiches, Ruth Bourdain, and the best brisket he’s ever had, which happens to be from Franklin Barbecue during SXSW. Here’s what the famous foodie said of the moist-meat experience: “It is the best. It is the finest brisket I’ve ever had. I can’t imagine anyone could surpass this. It’s unearthly in its moistness, in its perfect balance. Listen — I waited in line an hour and a half to get in there… I stood on line. That’s part of the experience, to stand in line. It’s a whole social thing. But let me tell you, by the time I was, oh, 10 feet away from that brisket, looking at it, I understood why’d I’d waited on line with everybody else. I could tell just from the way it hit the cutting board that this was going to be just earth-shatteringly good. And it was indeed.” To read the full interview, check it out here.