After 28 years as the grande dame of Houston dining, Cafe Annie is moving and changing its name! (It’s like Queen Elizabeth II deciding she’s going to go by Lizzie the Queen 2.) When its new location is opened (around early May), Cafe Annie will divide like an amoeba into two modernized parts. As chef and co-owner Robert Del Grande said, “Think of Cafe Annie as a rotary phone and the new spin-offs as iPhones.” Inside the new digs, a bar called the Blvd. Lounge will take up the entire first floor. It will be outfitted with sofas and comfy chairs and will offer hors d’oeuvres to go with cocktails. Up a dramatic staircase will be twin dining venues under the umbrella name of Restaurant RDG / Bar Annie. Of course, Bar Annie already exists and it will continue serving its usual casual food done in an upscale way—burgers, onion rings, tostadas. Next to Bar Annie will be the RDG Grill Room, emphasizing steaks, seafood, and chops, but also serving signature dishes old and new that Robert is working on. It will be much less of a big deal than the present Cafe Annie, so you can show up in jeans or dressed for the opera—it’s all good. The new address will be Post Oak Boulevard at Ambassador Way, just a few yards from the present location, same side of the street. (Cafe Annie will close for two weeks for the move, in May.)