In class, I catch the news headline, “Food Network canceling ‘Emeril Live.'” Now I know Anthony Bourdain would give a huge speech on how Emeril is finally going away and it is better service to the Food Network and America. But I grew up with Emeril. He was the chef, when I was in Home Economics. I even have a homemade cookbook with “Bam” on the cover. Seven o’clock at my house meant ‘Emeril Live.’ My dad always wanted to get tickets, but now that dream is crushed.

Now I think the question becomes who is the next “chef” to break out on Food Network–Symon, the two next food network stars (do they even exist), or other unknowns? And what becomes of Emeril? His contract isn’t over. A Food Network publicist said the network loves and supports him. Then why isn’t he making the statement? Everything is so vague.
And then there is the question of Batali. Sure I noticed his name and picture was still in the Iron Chef America line-up, but where is “Molto Mario?” Where is he in all these holiday specials?
Maybe Food Network has fallen. Who else is excited with the numerous repeats morning, noon, and night. The only thing that excites me anymore is “Iron Chef America,” not “The Gourmet Next Door” with the new food network star, Amy Finley. If I want to learn gourmet, I’ll stick with Julia Child. So my night will be full of “Top Chef” on Bravo, when the season starts back up. I just hope Food Network can lure me back into its kitchen.