Quick, name the type of wine you can buy for $10 a glass these days.

If you said “plonk,” you’re right.

But $10 will actually buy some very decent wine at Central Market’s Wine Week.

For the next six days, the market’s five locations in major Texas cities are promoting its wines, and tomorrow they’re having a wine stroll. Here’s how it works: You register and pay $10 in advance and then you get to saunter around your local store on Friday, July 12 (from 4 to 8), sampling seven wines and assorted snacks at various tasting stations. It sounds like fun and a good chance to check out wines you don’t normally order (Riesling, for instance). The wine stroll is one day only, but the general promotion goes on through July 16. There are wine-related cooking classes, too. Enroll online or call your local store.