[Uh-oh–my bad. Contrary to my overconfident posting yesterday, the tour leaves from Austin, not Fort Worth. Note to self: Never make a reasonable assumption without first checking it.] How many times have you thought, “THIS weekend, let’s throw the kids and the dog and the cat in the car and hit some of those Central Texas barbecue joints that are supposedly so fabulous.” And then it never happens, because . . . because . . . the dog and the cat get in a fight and you have to take out a second mortgage to pay the vet bill, and then the kids say, we’re running away from home, so long, suckers, and . . . well, it’s really hard to plan these things. So, take the coward’s way out and sign up for Texas Toast’s Barbecue Bus Tour on April 23 and 24. Texas Toast is a Fort Worth-based culinary tour group, and they’re finalizing the details on the bbq trip (among others), so get on the list now, while there’s still plenty of space.