To hell with Zagat. What you want is The Ultimate Food Lover’s Guide to Houston. A little larger than a pocket book but still handy (at 5″ x 8″), it is a smart, witty, 352-page guide to not only Houston restaurants but the area’s entire food scene. I especially like that it’s not a mash-up of quotes from everybody and their dog. Rather, it is an intelligent, critical guide to Houston restaurants in every price range (cheap to wretchedly excessive) and ethnic category (Bosnian cuisine, anyone?). It’s brand new (and very up to date) and it comes from the folks at My Table–which, if you didn’t know, is Houston’s indispensable local food mag. Flip through The Food Lover’s Guide and you’ll find (besides restaurants) listings for wine bars, farmers’ markets, coffeehouses, cooking classes, and regional pick-your-own venues, and that is only the beginning. The price is $17.95, plus tax and shipping. You can buy it retail locally and also from or