Wouldn’t you know it? I flee Texas for Vancouver, Canada and they’re having a heat wave–gawd, it must have been 90 degrees yesterday. There is no justice. But, still, what a beautiful city. Struck out on a couple of recommended places–don’t bother with Congee Noodle–it’s allegedly an authnetic noodle house, and maybe it once was a fine place, but the broth in our noodles tasted musty and the place was barely populated. But the night before, I did CinCin (“Chin-Chin,” a toast to good health) and it was fantastic. It looks traditional–the usual Mediterranean feel, well turned out, not obsessively mod. The menu, though is cutting-edge. Tried sablefish (roasted over a wood fire) in a green pistachio and agrionan olive vinaigrette-broth. The flesh of the fish fell off in beautiful, silky flakes; the broth was almost sweet. With it was a hunka hunka — hmmm, if my eyes were closed i would have said a cross between polenta and Yorkshire pudding–but it turned out to be a smooth, dense chick-pea cake (they call it a fritti). Wonderful, just right with the fish. More anon.