“Insatiable,” the page-turning memoir by “New York” magazine restaurant critic emeritus Gael Greene, will steam your glasses and curl your hair. And make you hungry. Now out in paperback, Ms. Greene’s lusty remembrances are a must-read for anyone interested in the Big Apple’s restaurant scene. After all, she was at the heart of it, as both a spy and a player, from the seventies through the nineties. She made a name for herself both on the page and in the boudoir, blending appetite and sensuality in a style that is widely imitated today. Want a tidbit to whet your own appetite? After bedding the young Elvis Presley (yes, Elvis), little Gael was making for the hotel door when the King “opened his eyes, blinked, as if he wasn’t sure for a moment what I was doing there. He twitched a shoulder toward the phone. ‘Would you mind calling room service and ordering me a fried-egg sandwich?'” This is a book that deserves to be on your bedside table, believe me. The publisher is Warner Books. And check out Gael’s Web site, too, insatiable-critic.com.