Everybody’s been stopping me in the hall and asking if I’ve been to Walton’s Fancy & Staple at 609 W. 6th. Well, no, not until today. Lunch. Verdict: Cute place, great candles & flowers (it’s a florist, too), nice displays, feels good inside to sit at a little wooden table and nosh. Love the redo of the old beige-brick Austin building. Cool that Sandra Bullock has saved/restored another piece of architecture in downtown. Do you sense I’m hedging about the food? Well, yeah. OK, I just tried one panino, so I can’t draw sweeping conclusions, but I’m just sayin’ I’d never have that one again. Good points were  very decent bread, briochy, sweet; all-right goat cheese & pesto (how could you go wrong with those?); but sorry, sorry salty, dried-out sauteed chicken; oh, and the sandwich was indifferently put together. Also, I wasn’t impressed with the heavy, viscous lemon bar from the on-site bakery. But the florist lady said she loved her turkey panino, so I plan to check the place out again. Besides, I might buy myself a dahlia.