A recent trip to Rush Patisserie in Dallas’ Deep Ellum district reminded me how much croissants are shortchanged on the breakfast breads list. They are a true breakfast treat; they’re not just for sandwiches, contrary to current trends. And bagels, really, are they that good?

My mother notes that croissants used to be the morning bread choice, much as the bagel is now. Why did bagels take over? Health reasons? Bagels may have less butter, but they’re still calorie-full; I’d spend my calories and fat on a croissant over a bagel any day. That flaky outside, buttery light layers inside, that’s what I’m talking about.

Croissants are classic. They’re sophisticated. Think Audrey Hepburn poised in front of Tiffany’s, thoughtfully nibbling on a croissant. Ms. Hepburn would never nosh on a bagel.

At breakfast-time, we Texans go bonkers for biscuits, we cave for kolaches, but we can’t let the sophisticated, near-forgotten, croissant land in the same historic waste bin as hardtacks. There are fabulous bakeries all over Texas just waiting for a resurgence in the croissants-for-breakfast trend. Next time you think about your a.m. meal, don’t pass over the queen of them all.

Talk to me; where are your favorite croissanteries?