In the “Know Before You Go” category, I’m just sayin’ that if you don’t get your pre-order into Snow’s by this Wednesday, June 11, you may come up empty (see post just below this one for details). I talked to Kerry Bexley, the owner (pictured), this morning, and he’s feeling a little like he’s been dragged by wild horses: In the two or so weeks that our June cover story has been in the hands of readers, Snow’s has gone from selling 300 to 800 pounds of meat on Saturdays. Holy cow! I didn’t know whether to congratulate the poor devil or offer to get him into the barbecue equivalent of the witness-protection program. He said, “I’ve got to cut off advance orders around Wednesday because we need some for our local walk-in customers.” He also said, “I’m really happy this has happened, and I’m amazed at the distance some folks have driven–we’ve had customers come from Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.” (The last is about 125 miles; only we Texans would get up that early or drive that far for barbecue.)