Here’s Gael Greene’s reply to Pat’s post on “Elvis and the Fried Egg Sandwich,” below.
“Dear Patricia, Elvis would have been seventy last week if he’d lived…hard to imagine! If he and I met today, I would be much too old for him, and he would be a far sight too old for me. But at least we still have peanut butter. Baffled food lovers, even long-time fans of my Insatiable Critic column in New York magazine (still running, by the way) ask why my Elvis adventure is the first chapter of a book on how America fell in love with food…they think it’s just another boastful bed-and-tell…but in fact, when I realize I remember the fried egg sandwich more vividly than I remember if Elvis was an inspired lover…I might have known I was born to write about food. Thanks for the post. ” Gael Greene