Having recently returned from a family vacation that stretched from as far north as the Red River to as far south as Kerrville, I want to affirm two things: 1. Interstates bad, U.S. and Texas highways good. 2. My love for breakfast tacos on a Saturday is boundless.

Hence, the tribe ate at Hilda’s Tortillas in Fredericksburg on a lovely September morning. As you can see from the picture below, we weren’t the only ones with that idea. You order in an area the size of a small closet, so it doesn’t take much for the line to spill outside. Too many choices to name here (read: whatever you want, they have), but for $2 apiece, the tacos were a bargain. We opted for an old favorite–potato, egg, cheese, and bacon–and they were wonderful. You know that smile-inducing aroma of freshly cooked tortillas when you first take them out of the foil? Of course you do. Well, that was the first hint of how tasty they would be. Served piping hot, the tacos burst with filling (my only complaint was the relative skimpiness of the bacon). Sitting on a picnic bench beneath oak trees–the only dining room available–and dipping the tortilla in tangy homemade tomatillo salsa, we found the perfect way to prepare for another day on the road.