As you know, our cover story touted Snow’s BBQ, in the Central Texas burg of Lexington, as our number one barbecue joint in the state. Since the article hit the newsstands, little Snow’s has been swamped. We got this email from them a few days later: “WOW!!!!!!!!!!! . . . It was a wild and crazy day. We cooked and sold every ounce of 500 pounds of meat and we were still out by noon . . . ” So if you’re thinking of going out there on Saturday (it’s only open on Saturday mornings, from 8 until noonish or until the meat runs out, which could be very early, like by 9:15), take our advice and preorder your meat. And hope that a jillion other people haven’t beat you to the punch. The address is 516 Main, Lexington (off U.S. Hwy 290, via FM 696, 21 miles east of Elgin). Call 979-542-8189 for preordering on weekdays. The restaurant number is 979-773-4640 (open Saturday mornings only).