I love it when restaurants send you easy summer recipes out of the blue (or  in this case, out of the green). Shinjuku Station is a hobbit hole of a Japanese restaurant in Fort Worth—yes, yes, I’m mixing cultures, but you know what I mean; it’s small and cute—that I was delighted to include in our annual best-new-restaurant-roundup “Where to Eat Now,” in March of this year. Apparently, the kitchen has been mixing things up a bit and has come up with Japanese spin on hummus and pita chips, which they are adding to their offerings. Check it out (I haven’t tested it myself, so you’re on your own). Edamame Hummus 1 cup cooked shelled edamame (about 6 ounces) 3/4 cup canned chickpeas 2 large cloves of garlic 1/4 cup baby spinach 1 tablespoon sesame oil Kosher salt, to taste 1/3 cup olive oil 1. If you buy raw edamame in their hulls, blanch in boiling water until they float. Shock edamame in ice water. Shuck and set aside. 2. Rinse and drain chickpeas. 3. Place edamame, chickpeas, garlic, spinach, sesame oil, and salt in a food processor, and pulse until mixed (about 4 pulses). 4. Scrape the sides of the food processor. 5. Purée the mixture for about 30 seconds while slowly adding olive oil. Yuca Chips 1 large yuca root shichimi togarashi spice mix, to taste 1. Peel the yuca and cut into 3 inch pieces. 2. Using a mandoline or a very sharp thin knife, slice the yucca lengthwise into 1/16-inch planks. 3. Deep-fry at 325 degrees until crispy and golden brown. 4. Sprinkle chips with shichimi togarashi You can substitute any pre-made root chips except potato. Sprinkle them with shichimi togarashi after plating.   Recipes serve 8. Shinjuku Station was founded in May of 2011 by husband-wife team, Jarry and Mary Ho. The duo—also owners of the Tokyo Café—joined Mary’s brother and sister-in-law, Casey and Elyssa Kha. Named after the world’s busiest train station, Shinjuku Station was inspired by the authentic gastropubs found in urban Japan, known as “izakayas.” Shinjuku Station was cited for “Best Patio” by the Dallas Morning News. It is located at 711 W. Magnolia Avenue, in Fort Worth.   (Photo by Brian Hutson)