The authors of the various Roadfood books, the intrepid Jane and Michael Stern (two of the most fun writers I know), put this item in their email newsletter today. In case you don’t recognize their name, the Sterns travel the country seeking out iconic and quirky eateries. (They used to write for Gourmet, before its sad demise.) Anyhoo, here’s a story they tell on themselves: “We were eager to locate an eatery that reflected Idaho’s signature crop, the potato. Research led to a small Yellow-Pages listing for The Spud Bowl. Perfect! Rather than telephone the Spud Bowl to inquire further (duoh), we drove 2500 miles to Boise, only to discover that The Spud Bowl was a bowling alley and the only tuberous item on the lunch-counter menu was potato chips by the bag. It was on that trip that we came across an Asian restaurant in Sheridan, Wyoming named Ae Suck.”