I was in such a bad mood after fighting the parking behind Dutch’s, in Fort Worth, on the first day of the city’s annual whoopdedoo rodeo that I was ready to bite somebody’s head off. “Why are you morons doubled-parked in your gigantic pickup trucks,” I shouted to myself as I backed a hundred feet down a narrow driveway to get out. Plus, it was about 40 degrees and the wind was blowing. These burgers better be darn good, I fulminated after parking two blocks away and walking. I slammed Dutch’s front door open. My friend, waiting inside, looked dubious. It was so crowded that co-owner Grady Spears was busing tables. So, we ordered: a blue cheese burger and a marinated portobello burger. Man. My mood improved immediately. Both were great, with chipotle mayo and these soft-white-bread buns that they special order from a Houston bakery. Just what you want, trust me. And they have sliders. Which are just perfect for somebody who’s on a perpetual diet. Like me and every other woman I know. All I can say is, if you’re in a rotten mood, go have a burger at Dutch’s. Worked for me. 3009 S. University Drive, Fort Worth, 817-927-5522. (Oh, about the name: Dutch’s is named for legendary TCU coach Dutch Meyer.)