How many rubber chickens have you choked down for a good cause? That’s too many, my friend. Here’s an excellent cause to support and the food is guaranteed to be amazing. On Saturday, February 5, Project Transitions will host a series of eighteen dinners in private homes throughout Austin to raise money for people and families living with HIV/AIDS in Central Texas. It’s $100 a person—that’s a deal, people—and not only will you be incredibly well fed, you will get the see the inside of a really interesting Austin home (how could you pass that up?). A few months back I went to a preview dinner for the press with the theme “Going Quackers” and we feasted on deviled duck eggs, smoked duck breast on bruschetta with a fig and walnut tapenade, and sweet corn “shots” with duck cracklings—and that was just the hors d’oeuvres! Best of all: No rubber chicken! (No rubber duckie, either.) Just to give you an idea, the real dinners include “Charleston: Down Home—Hot and Haute,” “All Good Veggies Go to Heaven,” “Night of the Piranha” (let’s hope there’s not an associated James Bond theme), and “Krewe of Afrodite: Our Own Funky Mardi Gras.” And the list goes on. It’s very easy to sign up—just call (512) 454-8646 or go to You can find out where the funds go and pick out your dinner (seats are limited and they do tend to sell out, so don’t put this off).