Who knew that cacao (which comes from trees, left) and truffles (the kind that grow in the ground) were so beautiful together?
The best dessert that I tasted at the cool Arts and Eats fest in San Antonio last night was Bin 555’s Chocolate Torte (think flourless dark-chocolate cake) topped by a white-chocolate truffle that has been rolled in a mix of powdered sugar and truffle flour.
Lord have mercy. It was so good I carried mine around all night, taking little nibbles in between the other dishes at the walkabout. (I know, one sick puppy.)
Anyway, talented young Jason was good enough to share the recipe and we chatted about the astronomical amount of umami in this creation. You know umami, right? It’s the so-called fifth taste, after salty, bitter, sour, and sweet. Everybody’s writing about it these days. Umami’ is what makes things as different as Parmesan, red wine, truffles, and chocolate so divine. Savory. Delicious.
Here’s Jason’s insanely complicated recipe. All you chow hounds, make it yourselves. The rest of you, go have it at his restaurants, in San Antonio and Coppell (but call ahead first to be sure he has it on the menu that night).

Recipe in post just above. Bon appetit!