Calling all bacon-burger lovers: P. Terry’s is about to make your dreams come true. The megapopular Austin burger joint is introducing applewood-smoked bacon on its menu at its new location in The Village at Westlake shopping center. This new location will be P. Terry’s largest, measuring 3,500 square feet with a double drive-thru. “This is a big deal for us,” Patrick Terry, owner of P. Terry’s, says. “We’ve been saying no for seven years. We’ve have probably said no ten-thousand times because we couldn’t find a bacon that fit who we are and what we are committed to. We didn’t want the kitchen to smell like bacon and we didn’t want to slow ourselves down. People like us because we’re fast and we didn’t want to sacrifice that experience.” Yet when Terry finally tracked down a Texas bacon that embodied the quality and flavor that P. Terry’s demands, he decided it was time to stick that thick applewood-smoked meat on the menu. “We’re going to start it at the Westlake location. We need to make sure we’ve got it down and from there we will expand it into the other stores over the next two to three months.” Another item making its way on to the permanent menu is the caramel milkshake, which P. Terry’s has featured as a limited menu item in the past. ” We had a lot of people that got upset when we took it away,” Terry says. “The caramel milkshake is really subtle. You don’t drink it and go, ‘Oh my gosh, that is too much caramel!’ It’s got real appeal.” The Westlake location makes its grand opening at 7 a.m. on Friday, June 1. Terry says he is planning to open another P. Terry’s location somewhere in North Austin in the near future.