I’ve been trying to come up with a good description for the “whimsicles” that I tasted last week, and I think I finally have it: frozen cheesecake bites on a stick. OK, OK. That’s pretty clunky. But it tells you what it’s like to nibble on one of Katherine Lott’s amazing popsicles, which are made of frozen goat’s milk and fabulous fruit and other flavorings, like blackberry, carrot/ginger, mango/avocado, and–the most perfect for this time of year in Central Texas: peaches & cream. I met Katherine at her little stand at the Fredericksburg Farmers Market (she’s there from 4 to 7, Thursdays, with a cooler full of popsicles; it’s at Main & Adams). The flavors in these sweet treats are intense and pure, the texture icy, the experience unforgettable. The goat’s milk is very mild, if anything it reminds me of cream cheese. It’s worth a trip to Freddy just to try one–like you needed an excuse.  (Austinites, if you’re wondering, yes, she’s related to artist Shanny Lott–they’re sisters.)