Often when I pass through Johnson City, I see the sign for Silver K Cafe and want to sit down for a meal. This past Saturday, I finally sat down at the table.
The cafe is on 290 West on your way to Fredericksburg. If you’re driving too fast you might even miss it.
My friend and I went in for a late lunch. The lunch crowd was winding down and the staff was getting ready for dinner.
We were seated by a window facing 290(at least it had good light). The menu consisted of salads, chicken fried steak, pecan encrusted fried chicken and sandwiches.
What popped out to me was the the pecan encrusted chicken, which I ordered. My friend ordered the chicken fried steak. They both came with mashed potatoes and a salad.
The meals came after about a 10 to 15 minute wait. Just the sight of the fried chicken made me salivate. It was a fried chicken breast covered in maple syrup and pecans. I resisted the urge to dive in and tried the mashed potatoes, which were perfect. They were mashed and creamed very well – the only thing they lacked was salt and pepper.
I delicately cut into the chicken, which was tender and moist. I was not disappointed with the first bite, sweet from the maple syrup; the only downside was that the outside fried coating was not crunchy. It seemed to have been deep fried rather than pan-fried. The extra pecans paired well and I was craving a side of buttermilk waffles.
The side salad was a bit disappointing. The lettuce was chopped into small pieces that you couldn’t pick up with a fork, and the blue cheese dressing tasted more like ranch dressing.
For dessert we ordered the peach cobbler, only to find that it was more like a peach cake. A cobbler is fruit topped with some crunchy topping or pie dough and baked. This was peaches baked into a dough. The dollop of ice cream had a very good vanilla flavor.
If you’re craving fried chicken and mashed potatoes, I’d recommend Silver K Cafe in Johnson City. Just don’t drive too fast or you might miss it.
Got a place I got to try? Let me know.