When those obnoxious cackling-witch toys show up in stores, you know it’s pumpkin time. One of the best pumpkin desserts I’ve tried in the last couple of days is the walnut pumpkin mini-loaf at Mandola’s Italian Market in Austin (in the Triangle, 4700 W. Guadalupe, open 7 days a week). These little gems are fluffy, not too sweet, and are fab if you happen to get one just out of the oven. Plus, the price is great: $2.99 for the equivalent of, oh, three normal-sized muffins. The other dessert I love, love, love is the spicy pumpkin ice cream at Amy’s. Ohmigod. We had a fork fight over it. Think pumpkin cream pie, but better. I found it at the location on Burnet Road in Austin and assume it’s at all the other Amy’s, too–in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. OK, now it’s your turn. What are your favorite pumpkin sweets? Share!