Photograph by Jody Horton
Talk about the saying, “nothing succeeds like success”: The instant that Austin’s Franklin Barbecue moved into its new, bigger, brick-and-mortar location at 900 West 11th (512-653-1187), it had already outgrown the space. I asked owner Aaron Franklin about this when I ran into him at the Hill Country Wine and Food Festival last weekend. (He was easy to spot because Franklin’s had the longest line at the “Live Fire” event—even longer than the big-deal chefs from New York and Australia.) “It’s totally insane,” he said. “I looked out our window the first morning at the new place and it’s like there were people there at 9 a.m., which is two hours before we even open!” Of  course, Franklin’s brisket is among the best barbecue I’ve ever eaten (right up there with Snow’s and the folks in Lockhart and Luling and Taylor), so it has become a rite of passage for ‘cue fanatics. If you haven’t eaten there, you’re not cool. And not serious about Texas barbecue. Franklin’s is so popular it is now selling out as early as 12:30 in the afternoon some days. Says Franklin, “People get in line and buy a whole brisket for a party, so it can go fast.” He’s building two more big pits to accommodate the mob scene, but that will take a few weeks. Oh, and the place is now closed on Mondays. “Seven days a week was exhausting,” he says. “Please! We need a day off.” In the meantime, you can read about how he makes such mouth-watering barbecue in “Cook Like a Texan,” and watch our video below. Then do it yourself at home!