Nope, this isn’t mudslinging in the Democratic Presidential Primary, but rather what Gary Vaynerchuck–a wine merchant in New Jersey– does while evangelizing about wine. Last night on Nightline, ABC profiled Gary and his mission to convert the masses from beer to wine.

Most fascinating was his $60 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon taste test with an $18 bottle of 20 Rows (yeah, the Nightline story gets the name wrong), which must have caused the folks at Silver Oak considerable agina as they lost the taste test. Or perhaps they don’t give a fig as they know that Silver Oaks enjoys incredible market cachet–with Texans being major guzzlers of their fruit-bombs. Silver Oak is overrated, over-priced, and over-exposed as it pops up at every prime steakhouse in the state. Maybe I trust this Gary guy even though he sounds like a used car salesman on too much Mountain Dew.

40,000 people watch his webcast at which is low on production costs and high on voice volume. Perhaps he’ll see the promised land: NASCAR fans swirling Chenin Blanc.