Can a Jersey boy make a good taco? I am afraid so, my dear Texans, I’m afraid so. On a recent Fenway Park outing (how quickly I have earned my Red Sox Nation citizenship), we dropped by the takeout window of La Verdad, an affordable gourmet taco spot recently opened by an East Coast chef with a stellar rep, a so-called Ken Oringer. Mr. Oringer’s fish taco is as stellar as his background; a limey avocado puree and chipotle mayo give it a touch never before experienced by this taco eater. In fact, it might beat out my favorite of the same taco genre from Austin’s El Chile. Unspeakable. But, I hear you say, what east coaster can’t do fish well? Touche. And to that same point, the mole turkey taco was creative, true, but it was definitely not something that deserves a repeat visit. There are some things that these east coasters should leave to the pros in Texas.