Sigh. A Texas ingredient actually made it onto the menu of a posh London charity dinner attended last week by the Dude and Duchess of Cambridge (i.e.,  Prince William and the former Kate Middleton). Yes! There it was in the appetizer: Rio Grande Valley avocado! But the poor things didn’t even get to enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame. First, London food writer Tom Parker Bowles  (rightly) lambasted the absurdly purple prose of the whole menu, in the Mail on Sunday on June 12. Then another commentator piled on in TheFirstPost blog, writing:  “The starter was ‘Carpaccio of Maldivian long line caught yellow fin tuna’… wait for it… ‘fanning an island of Rio Grande Valley avocado crème fraiche, topped with young coconut, with a splash of Goan lime, coriander and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds’. Then he let loose with:  “In other words, raw tuna with lime-flavoured mush.” Don’t you let the bad old critics make you cry, little Texas avocados. We love you just the way you are. Especially in guacamole. And don’t anybody go calling it mush.