This weekend, dozens of well-known chefs, mixologists, sommeliers, and restaurateurs will descend upon Austin for the second annual Austin Food & Wine Festival.

To prepare for this weekend’s food and wine festivities, Texas Monthly spoke with a few of the local and celebrity chefs from this year’s lineup.

Here, Fort Worth chef Tim Love of Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, Woodshed Smokehouse, and the recently opened Queenie’s Steakhouse talks grilling demos, opening an Austin restaurant, and why Dallas and Fort Worth deserve more cred.

Layne Lynch: Your grilling demo was my favorite part of the festival last year. How are you going to top it in year two?

Tim Love: We certainly had some fun last year, but as with anything, I always learn and improve. We have some new cuts of meat this year and some new tips. However, we still have the white wine and tequila just like last year.

LL: You seem to be pretty fond of Austin, yet you don’t have a restaurant here. Will we see a Tim Love restaurant in Austin in the near future?

TL: I have been looking for the right space in Austin. Everyone here has always been very welcoming to me, and I really enjoy supporting the local community and charities in Austin. Hopefully you will see a Tim Love concept in Austin in the very near future!

LL: Houston and Austin garnered a lot of local and national attention this year for their culinary scenes, but I can’t help but feel like Dallas and Fort Worth were left out. Do you feel like Fort Worth and Dallas should get the same credit as Houston and Austin?

TL: I always feel like Fort Worth and Dallas deserve more credit. It is my hometown after all, but as long as people are recognizing all the great stuff that is going on in the state of Texas, it makes me happy. After all, there is a lot of great stuff happening in Texas and sometimes you just have to wait your turn to get the recognition.

LL: Are there any restaurants, bars, bakeries you want to check out while you’re in Austin?

TL: There are a lot of places I’ll be hanging out.  I get to Austin often, so I tend to hang at some of my haunts: Cocktails at Ranch 616 or Star Bar, food at Sway, Foreign & Domestic, and Barley Swine, just to name a few. I am really looking forward to breaking out my new tailgate truck and grilling some great food for random people on the street throughout the week and weekend.

LL: You’ve become somewhat of a celebrity chef in recent years, How do you balance being a celebrity and chef at the same time?

TL: I get this question a lot actually. Well, Thursday I was in Austin personally cooking a four-course dinner for the St. David’s Foundation. Friday and Saturday I was cooking on the line at my new restaurant Queenie’s Steakhouse in Denton, and then I have spent the last two days reorganizing the menu at Woodshed. I just finished writing the menus for the whole football season at TCU. I could go on and on. I don’t particularly look at myself as a celebrity but more as cook with a lot to do. I love all my restaurants, guests, and fans, but I still love waking up in the morning trying to figure out some cool, new shit to make.

LL: What’s next from you? Can we expect to see a new restaurant, cookbook, or project soon?

TM: I just opened Queenie’s Steakhouse three weeks ago, so I am very busy with that. On May 9, I’m hosting the third annual Burgers 4 Babies event at Woodshed to raise money for Fort Worth’s NICU Helping Hands Foundation. I do have a very cool book in the works, and as always, I have some very cool stuff in store for ACL this year.