“Eye of a Barbecue Needle”: @hedrives at Louie Mueller, by @psedillo (First place)

Allow us to awaken from our meat coma for long enough to finally unveil the winners of our three #TMBBQFest Twitter contests.  As you can already see, that is our first-place photo above. And  in the category of “odes” to BBQ (by tweet), we give you: FIRST PLACE Lockhart, Luling and Taylor, TX for wknd road trips. A Texan that eats a McRib should have his citizenship revoked @chilicook SECOND PLACE Memphis Carolina KC I have tasted all three But when I must have the best There is no contest Its Texas BBQ for me – @honchotyler THIRD PLACE A true TX bbq aficionado loves a good vegetarian as well. Especially when that vegetarian goes ‘oink’ or ‘moo’. @ehguerrero “Son eating rib” by @BigPhil32 (Second place) And now, the BBQ Haiku contest. This one was fiercely contested, so keep reading after the jump for both the winners and some honorable mentions (as well as photo #3). Each of the winners received either Wyatt McSpadden’s handsome hardcover volume Texas BBQ, a TMBBQ Festival t-shirt or one of Dirk Fowler’s festival posters. “MEAT” by @rappmt (Third place) “BBKU” The finalists for this one were picked by all of us at “Eat My Words,” with Pat choosing the winners. FIRST PLACE Salt pepper no sauce/Post oak smoke stinking up my clothes/Fatty never lean @dontbeglib SECOND PLACE What is happiness/Franklin Barbecue, no line/It can never be @mkilly THIRD PLACE Sweet and tangy ribs/Don’t have to be a zombie/To suck on these bones @haikumama HONORABLE MENTIONS Texas barbecue/Beef, dry rub, indirect heat/Hey man ditch that sauce – @bravethekitchen Some worry over/Vinegar or ketchup but/It’s about the meat @bkpeel Licking fingers clean/Discard ribs piling high/I am getting fat – @rappmt Smoked brisket at Sam’s/Tasted better when it was/Sold from the meat thieves pants – @J_Musty Oh tender brisket/Smoky, earthy on the tongue/Hang on – is this goat? – @BlueHeronFarm Holy trinity/Heads bow as we light the fire/Beer smoke barbeque – @HonchoTyler World’s best barbecue/23 joints in one place/Meat coma for sure – @thejoelfrank Smoky arousal/And now I long to ingest/Get in my belly! – @camsicle If you won, we’ll follow from you @TMFood to get your information.