Yes, folks, I just had a birthday. And no, I won’t tell you how old I am this year. But I will tell you about the best thing that happened to me on that lovely day: a visit to Bananarchy, in South Austin! Here’s how it works. Order either a half or a whole frozen fair-trade banana, and tell the friendly person in the trailer what sweet sauce you want it dipped in—vanilla, peanut butter, or chocolate (note: because it’s Austin, they also have vegan chocolate). Then choose your topping: M&Ms, cookies, sprinkles, coconut, toffee, or one of six others. I opted to go overboard with a whole banana double-dipped in chocolate and peanut butter, with M&Ms. My taste buds were happy, but I can’t say the same for my stomach. My health-conscious friend selected a halfsies banana dipped in vanilla and rolled in cinnamon. If you’re an Arrested Development aficionado, like I am, you’ll recognize the concept of a frozen banana stand from the show, as well as the names of many of their specialties. You can’t go wrong with the Gob, two bananas double-dipped in chocolate and topped with peanuts, or the Afternoon Delight, a whole banana dipped in vanilla with a chocolate and peanut butter swirl, topped with graham crackers and peanuts. (With all of these AD references, I’m sensing a marathon coming on tonight at my house.) The self-described “revolutionary” dessert stand is perfect for these hot summer days with the kids. They also host fun events once in a while, like Arrested Development–watching evenings or the Bananarchy Awareness Party, a recent fund-raising effort that featured live bands. I’m definitely not waiting a whole year for another birthday to enjoy one of these babies. In fact, if you’re anywhere near South Lamar and Barton Springs Road tomorrow afternoon, you’ll probably see me eating a melting banana, with a chocolate-covered grin on my face.