It’s still hot. And by hot, I mean a scorching 104 degrees. And we’ve got at least another month or two to go. So I thought I’d share with you my favorite recipe for keeping cool in Austin. Just this summer, I finally discovered the secret ingredient: Good Pop, a new mom-and-pop (har, har) paletas stand, housed in a recycled shipping container on Barton Springs Road. A Cool Saturday in August Ingredients 1 car, truck, SUV, or bus pass 1 bathing suit 1 towel 1 bottle of sunscreen (preferably SPF 70 or higher) 1 Barton Springs 1 Good Pop stand $5 Directions Wake up. Put on bathing suit. Drive directly to Barton Springs. Apply sunscreen. Throw down towel and jump in water (note: gradually stepping into water will not have desired effect). Paddle. Get out and lay on grass until suit is dry. Hop in car. Drive approximately 6 blocks to Good Pop stand. Choose from 17 flavors of all-natural, organic pops. Recommendations are strawberry (chunky sweet), watermelon agave (like the fruit but with nectar), mango chile (spicy yet refreshing), or banana cinnamon (creamy fun). Don’t be tricked with bitter pineapple basil or sour tamarind. If brave, try the savory el cucuy (fresh cucumber, lime juice, water, and organic evaporated cane juice). Eat paleta quickly, before it drips down hand. Swing back into driver’s seat. Head toward springs. Repeat.