I must be a glutton for punishment. Or, more likely, I’m just a glutton. After my brief fling last week with the Cutie Pie Wagon (fudge brownie pie, anyone?), I waddled over to Gourdough’s vintage Airstream trailer to get my hands on some of those gourmet doughnuts that everyone keeps talking about. And folks, I have some shocking news. I thought I was a chocolate lover, but as rich and delicious as the Blackout was, with its brownie batter, fudge icing, and chocolate-covered brownie bites, it was far from my favorite. I’ve long joked that I can’t really be an American because I don’t like Bruce Springsteen, mashed potatoes, or bacon. Well, Gourdough’s has proven me wrong. The best doughnut I tried was the Flying Pig, a plain cake topped with maple syrup icing and strips of crisp bacon. Cake? you ask. Well, yes. These doughnuts remind me more of funnel cake than of the run-of-the-mill donut you might drunkenly stumble across at Ken’s. The trailer likes to pump up the volume with tons of ingredients (many of them fancy-schmancy), but sometimes simpler is better. For example, the aforementioned Blackout was indeed rich and delicious, but also somewhat sickening. I never thought the words “too much chocolate” could come from my mouth, yet here they are. Same goes for the Puddin’, a cream-filled doughnut topped with cream cheese icing, banana slices, and vanilla wafers. Sadly, something also tasted synthetic (I’m guessing the injected cream). Don’t abandon the bananas, though. The Funky Monkey, with cream cheese icing, brown sugar, and grilled banana slices, delighted. So did the plain ol’ Naughty and Nice, with sugar and cinnamon. By this point, I don’t think there’s any doubt that I’m a sugar addict. Two things before I leave you: If next week’s post is about a sweets trailer, you’ll need to give me a stern talking to. And if you catch me listening to some Springsteen while eating any more bacon-involved sweets, there needs to be an emergency intervention.