Dear Froot-Loops-Milk Crème Brulée, A year ago, Houston hardly had any food trailers. The few that did exist were only open seasonally, and at strange hours. Now the scene is growing faster than ironic mustaches in 2002. Hip trailers are Tweeting their locations and serving eclectic items to more-eclectic customers all over H-town. In fact, the Bayou City is having its very first trailer festival, called Haute Wheels Houston, next weekend, May 14 and 15, at Houston Community College Southwest, West Loop Campus (more deets next week). But it’s you, Froot-Loops-Milk Crème Brulée, at H-town StrEATS, that has changed the landscape. Your playful rainbow is a throwback to our youth, the pure joy of drinking that unnaturally fluorescent milk after finishing a bowl of sugary goodness. And for those of us who are too sophisticated to eat such childish concoctions, we can hide behind the fancy French name and the delicious, thick layer of burnt caramel camouflaging the creative custard underneath. Sure, H-town StrEATS’s chefs—Jason Gould, Jason Hill, and Matt Opaleski—serve a tasty fried avocado taco with creamy cilantro slaw. The crust on the avocado worked well with the tangy, slightly spiced-up cabbage, and the corn tortillas were a nice touch. The smoked sausage hoagie was fine, although I could have done without the overly sweet green tomato corn relish and the uneven squirt of tart mustard BBQ sauce. (We didn’t try the báhn mì sliders, but they appeared to be served on the same type of hoagie roll instead of on French bread, a disappointment.) And the risotto balls with tomato jam were deep-fried concoctions of a different order: basically bready cheese sticks in round form, with some white rice thrown in. So it was you, O Froot Loops, that finished off our meal the way it should be always: with the welcome crunch of caramelized sugar, then bite after bite of rich creamy milk. Breakfast should always taste so good. Love,  Megan Location varies, check Twitter. Open Tues–Wed 11–2, Thur 11–2 & 7–midnight, Fri 11–2 & 7–2, Sat 9 p.m.–2 a.m. Closed Sun. Posted by Megan Giller