Oh, Kebabalicious, how I love you. Let me count the ways. Your falafel is crisp on the outside and fall-apart tender on the inside. You slather your wraps with cool tzatziki sauce and a fiery red concoction. You bring new meaning to the word “pun.” And you’ve been sobering up annoying drunk Sixth Streeters for years now. But really, who can blame those debaucherous delinquents? Who wouldn’t love a thick, warm pita, filled with your choice of smackingly good chicken, beef/lamb shawarma, or falafel with shredded romaine lettuce, plump roma tomatoes, thin-sliced red onions, and the dangerous tzatziki–red sauce combination? What I like most about Kebabalicious is the simplicity of their menu. Sure, they were one of the first concept food trucks in town, but this oldie but goodie is still one of my favorites, for lunch or dinner. Rather than spread themselves thin with a smorgasbord of mediocre sauces and fusion foods, they relish the density of their excellent garlicky hummus and traditional Turkish-style wraps. Their ingredients are fresh, their service is friendly, and once it’s in your hands, their food is usually devoured in less than five minutes. Speaking of smorgasbords, stop by the trailer on a weekend night and you’ll see an amalgam of clientele. College-age girls in tiny sequined tops and stiletto heels, their dates wearing white button-downs with hair gelled just so. Middle-aged couples who left the show at Antone’s a touch early. You may even see an elusive hipster gang running amok, with their skinny jeans, tattoo sleeves, and too-cool-for-you attitude. But I’ll tell you this much: No one is too cool to chow down on Kebabalicious’s delicious wraps, tzatziki dribbling down your chin, to be licked away but thought of often, like the memory of the night.  Posted by Megan Giller