Dear Kitchen Window, It’s been less than a week since we met, but I knew it was true love as soon as I picked up one of your delicate, deep-fried wings with a sweet chili-sesame glaze and habanero peppers and took a big bite. Name one other trailer that serves wings in this town! The sauce may have been a little lacking in zest, but the crispy fried garlic on top more than made up for it. You are truly unique. My little lamb, the same could be said of the decadent lamb burger on your menu. Tender, juicy meat piled on top of a toasty, house-made pantofolina bun, showered in a dill-yogurt-cucumber sauce with peppers and romaine to finish, and sided with crispy fried chickpeas (a little too oily, but still novel). What a salty, Greek-inspired treat. Some trailer connoisseurs might be bored with yet another traditional burger, but that’s only because they haven’t tasted yours. I have a feeling that the beef burger (with meat from Windy Bar Ranch) would have made our 50 best burgers list, but the vegetarian version was good eating as well. The thick, flavorful eggplant patty melded nicely with the hearty homemade sesame-seed bun, as well as the arugula and lemon aioli; the only discord was with the ketchup, which didn’t fit the lush eggplant tones. Still, not a crumb was left on my plate. Kitchen Window, if only you would call me back, I would tell you all about how I can see the influence of your days at Enoteca and other gourmet outfits around town. Who else would offer a crisp cucumber-and-tomato salad at a trailer on a hot summer day? I was expecting the traditional Greek-style fare, but I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh romaine, juicy quartered tomatoes, marinated red onions, and crunchy, perfect-for-summer cucumber slices, with a hint of basil in the (slightly heavy-handed) sherry vinegar dressing. So don’t play coy with me, Kitchen Window. This is more than a crush. We could have a beautiful life together! Now get back to that kitchen and make me my dinner. 415 Jessie Street (512-750-8396). Open Wed & Thu 11–10, Fri & Sat 11 a.m.–12 a.m., Sun 11–10. Closed Mon & Tue. Posted by Megan Giller. To read more from Megan Giller, visit her website at