Ah, Italia. A country with a language so beautiful it can romance even the basest American classics. Casserolderci. Jell-O-tto. Brisketti. Puccia. Wait, that last one? Pronounced poo-chah, it may not be the prettiest word but it’s all real, and an amazing sandwich to boot. First, let’s talk bread. Forget dry whole-wheat. Multigrain, be gone! Even sourdough can’t compare. Imagine the most perfect pizza dough, delicate and crisp on the outside, light and chewy on the inside. Now imagine it shaped into an individually sized round and wood-fired before your eyes (in a trailer, nonetheless!). Watch as Lucky, the owner, scoops it out of the oven, slices the bread as it’s still steaming, and stacks organic gourmet ingredients on top of organic gourmet ingredients before serving it straight to you. The eponymous sandwich, Lucky’s Puccia, featured a healthy amount of prosciutto; fresh, juicy mozzarella; forest-green arugula; slices of ripe tomato; and basil oil (like pesto but much lighter). On Lucky’s suggestion, we added the slightly spicy chipotle mayo. Decadently rich, the result made us melt faster than an Italian hunk whispering amore in our ears. The Puccia Arrostita, with roast beef, arugula, tomato, fresh mozzarella, and walnut spread, came in a close second. We added red-pepper oil, which in theory sounded delicious but in practice was too subtle. (Also, as a side note, if they recommend adding oils or spreads to every sandwich, I’d recommend they include those oils or spreads in the sandwich to begin with.) The almost-cheesy walnut spread tasted sweet at first, then garlicky, then a little too garlicky, just like the Italian hunk mentioned above on day four of his inner-ear cooings. One love that will never die, though, is the Nutella-and-peanut-butter puccia. Picture that heavenly bread, pulled straight from the oven and sprinkled with sea salt, then heaped with mounds of melting Nutella and a layer of peanut butter in between, like the richest, most delicious peanut butter cup you could possibly imagine. I’m not sure they serve this one in Puglia, where Lucky hails from, but I’m very glad romance led him to Texas (he and his wife, Kimberly, run the trailer together) to make these regional delicacies, so that I could lead these hearty, gourmet sandwiches to my mouth. Amore indeed. Posted by Megan Giller