It’s a little ironic that the best part about Me So Hungry, situated in the parking lot of all-vegan Cheer Up Charlie’s, is the meat. The Asian-style barbecue chicken in my Zen Salad was delicious, and it was a great surprise to find heaps of fresh baby romaine, spinach, and carrots in a salad from a trailer. The only downside was that I had to hunt for the few slivers of chicken. Same with the marinated, pink pork in the Pad Laos Noodles. My enormous bowl (for just $5!) consisted mainly of rice noodles, carrots, bean sprouts, yellow onion, and a handful of pork pieces. Though the dish was way too bland, the noodles (recipe courtesy of co-owner Christina Alfonso’s mother) were sticky and addicting. My favorite were the Me So Fresh Rolls, Vietnamese-style spring rolls. They were overwrapped and fell apart on contact, but I’m not going to argue with vermicelli noodles, baby romaine, cilantro, carrots, and lemongrass tofu. I’m not so sure about either of the sauces that I tried, the sweet chile and the peanut. Both were a little too creamy and thick, and the sweet chile definitely did not work as a salad dressing. I also wasn’t too thrilled about waiting over 20 minutes for my food—although it did give me time to chat with the co-owners about the vegan cupcakes they plan to start selling soon. But let’s get back to the lemongrass tofu. It was so meaty and flavorful that at first, I thought they’d messed up my order and given me pork. But no, it was tofu! Hearty, marinated, and somehow fabulously nutty. It stole the show. Maybe it’s a vegan world after all.