Most of the time, comfort food from a trailer translates to french fries. Forget mashed potatoes, chicken-fried steak, or anything else that requires a fork and a knife. Instead, your choices are hand-cut, frozen, Belgian, waffled, chili cheese. But once in a while, you come across a truck that has moved away from the tried-and-true fried things altogether and into more gourmet territory, as Bistro Six has. And that’s when the real comfort begins. A family-run business parked at San Antonio’s new Boardwalk on Bulverde, Bistro Six serves French, Italian, and Mexican fare that’s surprisingly fork-intensive. You won’t find burgers here, but you will run across rich sandwiches, meat entrées, and light salads. The most exciting dish? An enormous crab cake (in this case, “jumbo lump” refers to more than the type of crab), perfectly crisp on the outside and silky smooth on the inside, served with a spicy sriracha lime aioli. In its to-go container, it may not be as pretty as the cakes at Silo Elevated Cuisine, but it’s certainly as good. My favorite was the truffled grilled cheese, a decadent sandwich heaping with melted Swiss, goat cheese, and gorgonzola with a generous pour of truffle oil and sweet caramelized onions nestled between two pieces of crunchy, buttery sourdough. The side salad of arugula and red bell peppers balanced the heavy sandwich and was almost my favorite part. The chicken panini was also savory, if a little ordinary. It came preprepared in foil (never a good sign), but I liked the pulled, roasted chicken, caramelized onions, red bell peppers, goat cheese, spinach, and chipotle mayo piled into a flattened, grilled hoagie roll. Their menu changes daily, and the ancho short rib (with mashed potatoes and a braised reduction sauce), smoked brisket fried rice (basmati rice with smoked brisket, white wine, and ponzu), and chocolate mousse (with champagne-glazed strawberries) weren’t available the day I cruised to the boardwalk. Next time, my friends. Next time. Boardwalk on Bulverde, 14732 Bulverde Rd. San Antonio, TX 78247. Wed–Sat 12–3 & 6–close. Sun 11–3. Also check Twitter for hours. Posted by Megan Giller