Last week we took a little road trip to a place called Bizarro Austin, otherwise known as Portland. While we’re out on the highway, let’s meander down to San Antonio and see what they’ve got going on in the world of trailers. Word on the street is that the new Boardwalk on Bulverde hosts about eight trucks. Conceptualized by Cameron Davies, who owns the next-door business, Cruising Kitchens, the park offers Mexican food, sandwiches, burgers, barbecue, and sweets, among other things. I found so many delectables there and around town that I’d like to add the home of the Alamo to our list of trailer places. Over the next few months, you’ll see reviews from both Austin and San Antonio posted on Trailer Thursday. And what better place to start than Saweet Cupcakes? These babies, served from a pink truck with a big, painted thumbs-up on the side, are pure gold. Now, now, Austinites, don’t get your wrappers in a twist. The truck doesn’t have a giant rotating cupcake on top of it, and I do believe that this state is big enough for two great cupcake trailers. You’ll forget all about your childish competitiveness when you bite into a Saweet cake, anyway. My favorite was the chocolate peanut butter (I know—how predictable). With a moist, semisweet chocolate cake topped with soft, fluffy peanut butter icing dappled with peanut chunks, what’s not to love? The salted caramel, with the same chocolate base, buttercream icing, and a surprising, gooey caramel center, was also lovely. Though there are sometimes mixed results, I like that Saweet takes risks—for example, the salted caramel, the slightly bland mango cupcake with very-berry strawberry icing, or the way their spelling of “sweet” makes you want to squeal like a frat boy at a keg party. The vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles rescued the dreaded word “vanilla” from any association with “plain” or “boring.” And after trying the red velvet, a chocolatey cake with whipped cream cheese frosting, I was ready to roll out the red carpet and do a dance. I don’t know if it was the sugar or Doug Sahm singing, but these goodies, and the others I have in store for you, tell me one thing: Pretty soon, everybody will be going to San Antone. 14732 Bulverde Blvd (210-215-0121). Wed–Sat 11–10. Sun 11–3.  Posted by Megan Giller.