If you’ve been to half as many trailers as I have, you know one sad little fact: Many of them are never open. Oh, all right—maybe “never” is an exaggeration. But many times, finding a truck that sticks faithfully to its hours is almost as tricky as gracefully eating those bulgogi chili-cheese fries once you find said trailer. So before I continue with my “epic trailer quest” and review another delightful food truck, I thought I’d pause to acknowledge the places that I would like to try, if they’d ever raise their darn gratings and start dishing out food when they say they will. Before I call anyone out, let me first say that it’s hard to be a trailer. Especially in the summer. In Texas. When it’s 104 degrees out. In many cases, these are ordinary, plucky folks running homegrown businesses and serving gourmet shoestring fries on a shoestring budget, and I admire the work that they do. I admire it so much that I would like to put the fruits of all of that labor into my mouth and enjoy it for lunch or dinner. For example, Diner on Wheels, I would love to try your spinach-ricotta enchiladas, with green chiles on a blue-corn tortilla. Your Grill Fiesta, with green chiles, cheddar cheese, and calabacitas, sounds like a delicacy. Alas, everything I know about you is from your online menu, because when I sidled by last Thursday (when you said you’d be open), you were locked down tight. Same goes for you, Fat Cactus. The idea of Navajo fry bread tacos and pizzas intrigues me. But are the red onions on your Foghorn pizza (with cilantro–pumpkin seed pesto, chicken, goat cheese, and pepitas) sliced or diced? When I arrived at your trailer a few months ago at lunchtime, after checking your Facebook page (and Twitter!), your windows were sealed for the day, and I could only imagine the refreshing splash of your cilantro lemonade. One more: Danny’s BBQ. Danny, you can’t imagine how excited I was to find a trailer in North Austin, near Burnet and 183. And a barbecue trailer at that! I had visions of brisket and sausage in my head. But by now, you know how this story goes: Sadly, Danny’s was closed. To these three trailers, and others that I haven’t named, learn from a recent ancestor, Not Your Mama’s Food Truck. I’d heard about Ron Chadwick’s amazing trailer, where he served sweet-spicy Asian fried chicken, among other interesting items. But the trailer was always closed. Finally, I got hooked on reading Chadwick’s unintentionally comical Facebook updates (for example, “Ok. So. Have another matter I have to deal with today. Be there Thursday the 5th. For real,” posted on Wednesday, January 5). I never got to try the trailer, and it was shuttered at the end of March. Sigh. Such is the life of a trailer addict. I’ll be back on the hunt next week, bringing you tasty treats from food trucks, trailers, carts, and wagons. In the meantime, trailer owners and businesspeople, please: I’d love to hear from you. And readers, dear eaters, what trailers have you tried to frequent, and failed? Posted by Megan Giller. To read more from Megan Giller, visit her website at www.megangiller.com.