You know you’ve lived in the southern part of the country for too long when you’re seriously disturbed by a lack of cream gravy. Now, don’t get me wrong, SoCo to Go’s Southern comfort trailer food did exactly that: It comforted. But when I uncovered my chicken-fried chicken, I was expecting a slathering of that white, peppery goodness, or at least a to-go container of it. But there was none to be found. (For the record, they do offer gravy. Just be sure to ask for it.) Poor me. I had to suffer with a tender, juicy chicken breast breaded in thick, crispy golden batter. I’m almost certain that the crust crunched loud enough to scare off the neighbors. It’s too bad, because I had enough food to feed all of them. For example, the Frito pie: a generous helping of crunchy Fritos topped with spicy beef chili (no beans, of course), chopped tomatoes and onions, lettuce, and a pile of grated cheddar cheese. Or maybe they would have been interested in the jalapeño mac and cheese. Less spicy than creamy, it reminded me of everything I love about Luby’s. I wish I could say the same for the Ultimate Tacos, but sadly, they were far from ultimate. Both the fried tilapia and fried avocado varieties were bland and slightly fishy, the tortillas floppy and thin. Even the peppery breading, crunchy carrots, and red cabbage couldn’t revive the entrée. Thankfully, they were served with a side of cilantro ranch. And here’s where SoCo to Go really shone. Both their garlic ranch and cilantro ranch were good enough to make a northerner scream, “Yee-haw!” The fried pickle rounds were crisp-fried perfection by themselves, but dipped in garlic ranch? Look out! In other words, what Daisy Mae, SoCo to Go’s Daisy Duke lookalike “mascot,” lacked in gravy, she made up for with ranch. Keep in mind that the brand-new trailer is definitely a to-go place (it used to be a brick-and-mortar kitchen). They have picnic tables and shade, but the food comes in plastic containers with lids. For example, the Frito pie is deconstructed into several neat little containers. Of course, there’s an upside: Daisy Mae delivers. If you live or work near downtown, you can order by phone or online and have your comfort food delivered to you by a cheerful attendant without your even breaking a sweat. In this summer heat, that’s worth a pretty deep-fried penny, cream gravy or not. 1209 South First (512-970-8646). Open Mon 11–2, Tue–Thur 11–2 & 6–9, Fri 11–2 & 6–10, Sat 12–10. Closed Sun. Posted by Megan Giller. To read more from Megan Giller, visit her website at